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 Water Softener System Sale!

Right now save $100 off any water softener or Whole house filter unit larger than 9"X48"!!!

That's right! You will get $100.00 off any water softener or Whole house filter unit larger than 9"X48"!!!

This is a great opportunity to save some big bucks on whole house filtration! We also have fluoride filter and UV sterilizers also, available at special rates as well.

Check out some of our other great items available on our shopping cart!

Everyone knows, drinking and bathing in clean water is healthy for you. Finding the perfect gift for someone you love could be as simple as giving us a telephone call! We will conduct a free water test and tell you which system you would need to clean up your incoming water. System installations are always included with the purchase of a water softener or automatic carbon filter system. All units are made in the USA, certified by the Water Quality Assoc. and come with a five year warranty. Plus, we will come out every year during the warranty period and test the water and system for free, to make sure your Water softener or carbon chemical filter equipment is working as they should.

We are going to give you $100.00 off and we will save you a lot of money each in year in operating casts by not selling you an under rated system.
Under rated systems use a lot of salt and drive the operating costs up!

Don't be fooled by incredibly inexpensive water softening systems which, cost you a lot of money in salt, year after year. You pay for the equipment once but, salt never ends!

Don't let someone sell you a water softener that will cost you a lot of money every year in salt!

Read our " How water softeners work" web page before you buy and learn how we will save you money from day one!

Need to finance your water system?

We will work with you!

With prices so low right now, there is no better time to ask how you can finance your water system.

No need to add everything at one time! Our systems can be added on over time. We will test your water and advise you on what system to get first and if you decide later you want to add on to your existing filtration system, it can be easily done with our modular systems!


Tired of spending your money on equipment that does a very poor job and is costing you more per year to run, than the unit cost you in the first place?

Are you sick of having to pay for very expensive service calls and hundreds of dollars in replacement parts because your equipment just can't handle Florida water?

We hear ya! Give us a try!

We will conduct a full maintenance check on your current system!

We will test your water and conduct a 28 point inspection of all your water conditioning equipment. You will receive the results of our water test, as well as, the results of the 28 point inspection. We can run a maintenance check on any brand of equipment including; Culligan, Fleck, Clack, GE ( including rainsoft, water boss, ecowater), Kenmore. A simple adjustment to your systems program may be all that is needed. With 28 years of experience in the water purification field, we know what work and what doesn't. If you are tired of your current water company staying in your wallet, maybe it is time to give us a try!

For service call: 772-538-0284

Our units are built for the punishment Florida's hard water can dish out!

We will test your water and give you a full evaluation for free.

Made in the USA
All of our products are made in the USA!
Buy American! Made by Americans!

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