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This is generally caused by Iron(II) oxide (ferrous oxide) or more commonly referred to by the locals as rust and is more common on well water than city water. While a water softener will remove a small amount of iron from the water, it should not be the one item to bear the load of removing it from the water. Water softeners are designed to remove hardness but are poor at removing iron. Every grain of hardness equals one grain but, every part per million of iron equals five grains per gallon depleted from your water softeners capacity. In the long run it will put a heavy burden on your water softener and will cause it to need to regenerate more frequent causing, more salt consumption.

The key to saving money in removing iron is to operate a unit specifically designed to remove the iron and take the burden off of the water softener. Placing our Aquatek Pro aerator before your water softener will remove up to ten parts per million of iron from the water, thus eliminating iron fouling of the water softener. The Aquatek Pro Aerator is a single unit with it's own controller, requires no chemicals to operate.

Typical removal of Iron and hydrogen sulfide is through aeration of the water before it enters the structure. This was generally done by pumping the water from the well then, spraying the water through jet nozzles to force it to mix with the air before landing into a pool of water in the tank. The water in the tank was then pumped out by another pump and re-pressurized and in some cases injected with chlorine. the water would then go through a carbon filter and then through a water softener. The expense of this this type of system is high due to all the equipment required for removing the Iron and/or hydrogen sulfide. Some of these systems would require additional holding tanks depending on the consumption of water required for that structure and could start to push the $8000.00 mark in equipment cost.

We have a better solution! A solution that eliminates the aerator tank, additional water pumps and chemical pumps, the extra plumbing involved and especially the toxic chlorine which is a never ending expense in this type of aeration system. You just don't need all that stuff! Our 3rd generation Aquatek Aerator filter is all you need!

The Aquatek Aerator filter, aerates the water as it enters the unit and effectively releases up to 10 ppm of the Iron and gas from the water. The water free of hydrogen sulfide gas and iron then passes through our special mix of catalytic filter media that continues to filter the water to remove any impurities which may have been present in the water due to the hydrogen sulfide content, Iron and other chemicals as well. This is one system that eliminates all the other items needed by aerating the water the old way and costs less than $2000,00 to have installed on a typical 3 bedroom house. Simply eliminating the cost of chlorine will pay for the unit purchase and installation over time.

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