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This is a common problem. clogged eductors or jets in the control valve can cause a water softener to not draw in salt. A malfunctioning brine or float valve can be the culprit. A brine line that has a hole in it can also cause a water softener to not use salt. check to see if there is water in the brine tank; if there is no water, there may be a hole in the tank and the water is running out onto the ground. There may be a salt bridge, this is when the salt is actually become hardened and sitting above the water level run a water hose over the salt and see if the salt falls down into the water. Pellet salt can break apart and clog up the bottom of the brine tank or clog up the brine or float valve in which case the salt saturated water is not able to be pulled into the water softener.

In most all cases, if your water softener is not using salt your water will become hard. Our 28 point inspection will find the problem with your water softener, just give us a call. 772-538-0284

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