Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find information about bottled water?

Is having your own filter system cheaper than buying bottled water?

What can be causing our water to have a reddish color?

Can you give me some advice on commercial products such as water filters?

Where can I get information about drinking water contaminants and standards?

What if my drinking water contains E. coli?

Where can I find a glossary of water terms?

Do you have information about water hardness in the United States?

Where can I find information about the health effects of contaminants in drinking water?

What is a good home treatment for purifying drinking water in case of an emergency?

Where can I find information about the quality of the water in a lake or river near me?

Where can I find information about the contaminants in my municipal water supply?

Where can I find information about mercury contamination in water?

Why are high nitrate or nitrogen concentrations in water a problem, and what can be done to maintain safe levels?

What can cause our water to have an earthy odor or to smell like rotten eggs?

Where does pure, natural water come from?

How is water naturally filtered or purified?

Where can I get information on water purification techniques?

Can safe water be defined?

If the sulfur content in my well water is a little high, is it still safe to drink?

I have heard a lot of advertising about saltless water softeners but none of the well known, established companies seem to promote them, why?

Can running out of salt ruin my water softener?

Is the sodium in softened water anything to worry about?

I was wondering if any water softener is made here in the USA?

My neighbor is on city water; why dose he have two water softeners?

What causes orange staining in showers?

Why is our city water so bad with so much chlorine?

I live in Lakewood Park and I have rotten egg smell and my neighbor doesn't why is that?

My water softener is using a lot of salt and always has, why?

My water softener is not using salt why?

is there an easy way to check how hard my water is?

I have a water softener, how does it really work?

Can softened water be used for my lawn?

If I am using salt in my water softener, how much sodium is in the soft water?

Can I use sodium-softened water in a koi pond or aquarium?

Why is my softened water yellow or cloudy after using Morton water softening products?

After using Morton water softening products will my water have a salty taste?

What are the benefits of using a potassium chloride-based versus a sodium chloride-based water softening product?

What are the health implications of using a potassium chloride-based product?

Will the water taste different if I use a potassium chloride-based product?

Why does soft water feel slimy or slick in the shower?

When do the resins in the softener tank need to be changed?

How often do I need to add salt to the Brine Tank?

How much salt should my softener use?

What kind of salt do you recommend using and do your softeners also use Potassium Chloride in place of salt?

I have a working Water Softener, but I am still getting Iron Staining, Why is that?

I have a Water Softener, but I still have odor in my water. Why is that?

We live on a lake. Can we use the lake water to supply water to our house?



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