Reverse Osmosis systems for pure clean water

4 stage ro system4 stage reverse osmosis system 50 gallons per day


In 1976 Americans drank an average of 1.6 gallons of bottled water every year. Roughly 30 years later consumption increased to 30 gallons per person, according to the Earth Policy Institute — despite the fact that bottled water can cost anywhere from 240 to 10,000 times more than tap water, which is brought right to your home for pennies a gallon. Bottled water also creates its own share of pollution — the production of plastic bottles requires millions of barrels of oil per year and the transportation of bottled water from its source to stores releases thousands of tons of carbon dioxide. R/O filter systems will greatly reduce the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) that are present in the water supply. Measuring TDS is easily done with a very inexpensive TDS meter and is a great way to monitor the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. Should you want to have a TDS meter for yourself, let us know and we will order one for you.

5 stage ro system5 stage r/o system 75 gallons per day

The 50 gallon and 75 gallon per day reverse osmosis filter units come with the following items for under-sink installation.

2 gallon pressure tank

Flip trigger chrome plated faucet

Drain saddle

3/8" JG X 7/16" - 24 UNS faucet connector

shutoff valve with 3" shank

Standard filter wrench

User Manual


Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year!

The quality of drinking water is on everyone’s mind today. Bottled water sales have skyrocketed. Bottled water is expensive, inconvenient and of questionable quality because, it is mostly unregulated by the government. How do you get quality water from your own refrigerator and ice maker? How do you get quality water without breaking the bank or your back? Having your own filtration system for clean drinking water, is the best way to insure your drinking water is the best it can be.

It is never more important to provide pure clean water for you and your family. Our, Pro line, of residential and light industrial Reverse Osmosis filter systems are available from 50 GPD up to 57000 GPD.


2200 GPD ro system2200 and 2800 GPD whole house r/o systems



Custom systems with a larger production capability of 57000 gallons per day are available.

Contact us and we will custom manufacture a system for your needs.

Custom built RO systems
Custom built RO systems