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Aquatek is a water purification company with over 25 years of technological experience and knowledge (TEK) in the filtration field.

We help our clients with their individual purification needs. Whether you are on a municipal water source or your have your own private well; we will test your water to determine what professional grade components you need to filter out the undesirable impurities in your water.

No matter what your water problem is, Aquatek Pro Water Purification Company has a solution. We offer a complete line of professional series water treatment systems and components on the Treasure Coast of Florida. If you have city water or well water, we can test your incoming water supply and let you know what equipment you need to remove the contaminants in that supply. Contaminants can be found in both city water and well water but, both have specific requirements for removing the contaminants. City water, although treated by your local municipality, can still contain harmful contaminants that should be removed. Well water tends to be hard and in a lot of cases will contain iron, tannins, manganese and in some areas of the Treasure Coast, Hydrogen Sulfide. All contaminants can be removed from the water supply with the proper filtration components.

As a dealer of some the finest, professional grade, water treatment systems in the industry, we specialize in custom assembled solutions; built with the best brand name components including Clack, Fleck, GE & Pentaire, that meet the specific needs of each project. Residential or Commercial, we help home owners and professionals get the pure, clean water that their projects demand.

More and more, people are really starting to wake up in regards to the quality of the water entering their home, place of business and their bodies. Now people are actually disconnecting from municipal water sources and going back to private wells because of all the contaminants in the municipal source water. Well water usually will have one or two contaminants that need to be dealt with while, municipal water has hundreds of contaminates. Fluoride is one of the biggest municipal induced contaminants that people want to get away from. Fluoride removal requires a special, expensive media and for those wanting to get away from fluoride, drilling a well and putting in the necessary filtration to deal with the well conditions, is sometimes, a more cost effective, long term, solution for many people. People who want to stay on their municipal water source and are not concerned about fluoride, can filter out all the other contaminates inexpensively.

Our number one priority is to save the customer money and we look at water filtration a bit differently than other companies. For example, did you know it is more economical in the long run to filter the entire building over putting in a small, inadequate r/o filter under the sink for drinking water? Why do we say inadequate? Well, most people have been told the filters will last up to a year before needing to be replaced; this is simply not true. For the exception of the r/o membrane itself, all other filters should be replaced every month due to bacterial and spore growth. Most people however, don't or won't change the filters or even have someone change them for them, well beyond a years time due to the expense. Some companies charge $199.00 to come out and change the filters in a small r/o filter system. When you treat the entire house, you know you are good for a year and in some cases longer because the system is easy to monitor and test to know exactly when the filter media is exhausted and needing to be replaced and at an expense far less than properly maintaining a small r/o system. Plus when you filter the entire structure, you not only have clean drinking water, you also have clean bathing water!

All of our Aquatek Pro line of products are industrial grade and made right here in the U.S.A. Our Pro line computer controlled systems can out perform and have greater programming flexibility than anyone in the business. We also have a Pro line of solar powered units that will save the customer even more money. Our pro line units come with a five year warranty and we will test and maintain that unit every year for free during the warranty period. All of our units have been independently tasted and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). We can design and install systems from residential to heavy industrial and have the capability to target specific contaminant removal as well.
We also carry a full line of treatment products to help maintain your water purification equipment and plumbing.

It all starts with a free on site water test. A full scale laboratory test can also be conducted at a small cost and can reveal a broad range of possible hazardous contaminants.

We will carry and will be a filter supplier for a full line of replacement filters for all of your Culligan filter systems including reverse osmosis membranes. We are currently putting together the entire list of Culligan replacements, manufactured by the top filter manufactures in the United States. If you need filters for your Culligan Reverse Osmosis filter system right away, give us a call and we will let you know exactly what you need!

We will have filter replacements for the following Culligan filter systems:

Culligan AC15

Culligan Aqua Cleer AC-15

Culligan AC30

Culligan Aqua Cleer AC-30


Aqua Cleer

Culligan Aqua-Cleer Advanced Drinking Water Systems


Culligan RC-EZ-1 

Easy-Change Replacement Cartridge, Level 1

Culligan RC-EZ-3

Culligan RC-EZ-3 Easy-Change Replacement Cartridge Level 3

Culligan RC-EZ-4

Culligan RC-EZ-4 Easy-Change Replacement Cartridge, Level 4

IC-100 Icemaker/Water Dispenser Filter

IC-100 Icemaker/Water Dispenser Filter with 1/4" QC Fittings

Culligan Good Water Machine LC-50 and AC-50

Culligan Good Water Machine LC-50 and AC-50

Culligan Water Tower Filters

Culligan Water Tower Filters

Culligan 1000R water filter

Replacement Filter for Culligan 1000R & 750R


Culligan Compatible Preferred Series Filters

Culligan Compatible Preferred Series Filters

 Culligan SY-2000

Culligan SY-2000 (D-130 Filter Set)

Culligan RO-3000 & RO-3500 Replacement Filters 

Culligan RO-3000 & RO-3500 Replacement Filters


Culligan WH1 whole house filter

Culligan WH-1 Whole House Filter

We service a large area on the central east coast of Florida. Other areas are mail order only at this time.

Culligan replacement Filters will be available in the following cities for delivery:



For information on water softener service or other type of filter service in the Florida
city you are in, click on a city link below.

Other areas are mail order only at this time.

Cities we service include:



Our control valves come with a 5 year warranty, Plus our products are made in the USA!!!!!

Made in the USA

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